Who We Are?

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DESCAR seeks to position itself as a strategic partner for development of efficient systems in all areas of a production plant.

Using simulation tools, meticulous analysis are carried out to detect the neuralgic points of the production line whose operation is decisive.

Our experience in 3D CAD / CAM / CAE environments, coupled with knowledge of the manufacturing industry and commitment to our work makes it possible for us to be established as reference in design and planning



Year 2000 First Project
Year 2003 First food industry Project
Year 2005 First International Project (Germany)
Year 2006 First Aero-Space Project
Year 2007 ISO 9001-2005 Certification
Year 2010 First Semi-Heavy industry project
Year 2011 Simulation department creation
Year 2011 First complete automobile line project
Year 2012 Deplm – Descar becomes partner with SIEMENS PLM
Year 2013 First PLM implementation
Year 2013 First Oil and Gas Project
Year 2014 First Railway project
Year 2015 Founding of Descar Argentina SRL Building
Year 2016 First Adapted Software Application for robots programing (plasma cutting robots)



Certified Quality

The internal processes of DESCAR are endorsed by the highest certification and inspection organizations, specialized in all types of services related to quality, technical safety and the protection of man and the environment

International Quality

DESCAR Argentina has established a quality management system focusing on the processes that take place within the company. We make sure to comply with the highest quality standards that allow a wide satisfaction both in the clients and all the members involved in the value chain.

This process sets in motion tools and mechanisms aimed at constant improvement, optimization of processes, standardization, constant training, etc.