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Being able to manage the complete life cycle of a product is an excellent strategy for companies because it concentrates all the information concerning the product and efficiently manages it to be used by the interested areas. This tool has become the basis of collaborative work for its practicality and versatility, and can be applied to any company and allowing to innovate, improve competitiveness and optimize production.

The PLM application provides a communication channel between the interested areas in the product. PLM software is generally used to automate the management of data related to the product while being integrated with business processes (resource planning, manufacturing execution systems)

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In service companies, the main capital is time, which is why in DESCAR we develop "Total Service Management", a service management software whose main element is time. Through tools that adapt to the needs of the client, users and projects, we can manage the actions defined by the life cycle of any process, generating assignments of tasks, rules, permissions and statistical reports of hours consumed. Through the login of the users the system registers in real time the consumption of hours of each one and assigns them to perfectly identifiable tasks. In addition, the system allows a direct relationship with quality control tools such as Check List dedicated to each task. Through this tool you can manage multiple projects from a variety of clients in the same environment in an agile and simple way

ROBOTIC Application

In order to meet the pressures demanded by the industry, DESCAR provides software applications in the field of robotics. These applications prevent purchase decisions and installation of expensive devices. In this way, an optimal return on investment is achieved, both in new manufacturing systems and in the implementation of systems in operation. The software application in robotics allows performing all the checks prior to the implementation of manufacturing systems. The virtual models of manufacturing cells check and optimize the cycle times of robotic processes. DESCAR offers the ability to simulate systems and complete cells which allows optimizing routes, shorten times and create the best disposition to get the most out of facilities and supplies

CAD-CAM-CAE Applications

The product design process is substantially accelerated through the use of computer tools that facilitate compliance with the stages, such as modeling, prototyping, testing, etc. (CAD). DESCAR provides support for manufacturing using computer tools (CAM) while maintaining a constant analysis of engineering processes (CAE) calculating structures, durability, stability, etc.

The application of the CAD / CAM / CAE systems is of vital importance to cover the massive levels of production and to ensure the profitability and efficiency of the productive processes